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OPENEDGES Launches New Subsidiary, OPENEDGES Square, to Revolutionize the Global AI Semiconductor IP

Seoul, South Korea, August 16, 2023 --- OPENEDGES Technology, Inc. (OPENEDGES), the leading provider of memory subsystem intellectual property (IP), is unveiling its latest venture, OPENEDGES Square, a subsidiary to reshape the landscape of the global AI semiconductor IP market.

The core business of OPENEDGES Square lies in two primary objectives: 1) the proactive development of essential IPs tailored for multi-core processor-based AI semiconductor architectures, and 2) the establishment of an innovative web-based IP sales platform seamlessly designed to connect IP supply with semiconductor architecture demands from fabless and design houses.

OPENEDGES Square is established with the strategic vision to alleviate initial investment challenges and catalyze an independent IP sales platform with a unique business model, intertwining technology licensing and external cash investments. Sean Lee, CEO of OPENEDGES Technology, will hold the role of the first CEO of OPENEDGES Square. The subsidiary aims to expand its workforce by approximately 80 employees by 2025, situated alongside the Korea HQ and the U.S. subsidiary’s San Jose office.

<Sean Lee, CEO of OPENEDGES Square, Inc.>

Distinguished by its advanced cache-coherent network solution, OPENEDGES Square is slated to develop IPs based on the most cutting-edge and forward-looking technology. These IPs, anticipated for release in 2026, will address the increasingly complicated nature of semiconductor architectures. By proactively mitigating computational errors arising from data incoherency among processors, OPENEDGES Square’s IPs are primed to ensure the seamless operation of high-efficiency AI semiconductors and multi-core processor-based architectures. The subsidiary will also develop innovative methods to support chiplet architecture, a pivotal innovation in the semiconductor industry.

Venturing into uncharted territory, OPENEDGES Square is on track to introduce the world’s first web-based IP sales platform service in 2025. Departing from the conventional approach where IP purchasers engage individually with providers, OPENEDGES Square’s innovative platform seeks to revolutionize the efficiency and effectiveness of IP transactions, fostering streamlined connections between purchasers and providers.

Furthermore, OPENEDGES Square envisions itself as a catalyst for reducing costs and risks associated with SoC chip development for fabless and design houses. By offering a comprehensive platform for comparing and evaluating a diverse array of IP products, the subsidiary aims to empower clients with insightful decision-making tools and ultimately amplify OPENEDGES’ dominance in the IP license business.

OPENEDGES Square’s dynamic journey is underpinned by a substantial investment commitment totaling KRW 60 billion. OPENEDGES will provide an initial in-kind investment of KRW 18 billion based on architecture-based technology licenses. Added to this foundation, two premier venture capital firms in Korea will each contribute KRW 9 billion, collectively resulting in KRW 18 billion in external cash investments. As future IP development progresses and shareholding ratios evolve, an additional KRW 24 billion will be infused to fuel OPENEDGES Square’s growth.

“Today’s rapidly evolving semiconductor landscape demands agile and precise market responses,” said Sean Lee, CEO of OPENEDGES. “Fortified by its preexisting AI semiconductor IPs and the groundbreaking IPs from OPENEDGES Square together will redefine the future of the semiconductor IP business and cement its global marketing standing.”


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