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SEMIFIVE Collaborates with OPENEDGES on Chiplet Development

  • Developing HPC Chiplet Platform to Feature LPDDR6 Memory Interface

SEMIFIVE, a leading design solution provider and pioneer of platform-based custom silicon solutions, announced its agreement of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with OPENEDGES Technology (OPENEDGES) on June 13th, 2024. This strategic partnership is dedicated to developing an advanced chiplet platform that incorporates OPENEDGES LPDDR6 memory subsystem, which includes a DDR memory controller and DDR PHY IPs optimized for the 4nm process node. Leveraging SEMIFIVE’s extensive expertise in SoC design and package development, this collaboration aims to create a high-performance computing (HPC) SoC chiplet platform, setting new standards in the semiconductor industry.

SEMIFIVE’s chiplet platform offers a new paradigm for semiconductor design and manufacturing, promising a significant impact on the market through cost reduction, performance optimization, and development flexibility. This technology will accelerate innovation in the semiconductor industry, meet the needs of diverse customers, and create opportunities for new business models and collaboration across the ecosystem.

OPENEDGES’ silicon-proven LPDDR controller and PHY IPs have played an essential role in enhancing performance, efficiency, and DRAM utilization. These key IPs have been instrumental in achieving successive milestones within SEMIFIVE’s innovative SoC design platforms. Moreover, SEMIFIVE’s optimized SoC design platform is pre-designed and validated on advanced nodes, thereby reducing IP support and SoC design engineering costs while improving overall development efficiency.

Beginning of their partnerships in 2019, OPENEDGES and SEMIFIVE have jointly collaborated to deliver multiple distinct SoC platforms applied across diverse applications, such as AI inference, IoT SoC, and HPC.


“We at OPENEDGES are immensely proud to join forces with SEMIFIVE in pioneering an advanced chiplet platform,” said Sean Lee, CEO of OPENEDGES Technology. “Our IPs are reliable and have consistently demonstrated their capacity to empower our clients, enhancing both efficiency and effectiveness while reducing development risks. We remain steadfast in our commitment to fostering innovation and delivering continued success to our customers.”


"Chiplets with essential features will mark a significant turning point in scalable SoC design," said Brandon Cho, CEO and co-founder of SEMIFIVE. "OPENEDGES' LPDDR6 technology will perfectly balance power, bandwidth, and storage for AI HPC memory architecture. SEMIFIVE's SoC platform, which is already showing over twice the efficiency in cost and development time, will synergize with this technology to greatly impact the custom semiconductor market."





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