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OPENEDGES Achieves Tapeout of LPDDR5x/5/4x/4 PHY IP on 5nm SF5A Process Technology

Seoul, South Korea, June 21st, 2023 --- OPENEDGES Technology, Inc. (OPENEDGES), the leading provider of memory subsystem intellectual property (IP), is proud to announce today a groundbreaking achievement: the tapeout of 8,533 Mbps LPDDR5x/5/4x/4 PHY IP on Samsung Foundry 5nm SF5A process technology. LPDDR5x/5 (Low Power Double Data Rate 5X) is the latest generation of low-power DRAM, delivering a 1.3x performance boost, 20% reduction in power consumption, and ultra-low voltage operation than the previous standard by JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council).

OPENDGES’ LPDDR5x/5/4x/4 (JESD209-5B/5A) OPHY IP delivers a memory speed of up to 8533Mbps, 33% faster than the previous generation; the LPDDR5x/5 OPHY IP complies with the latest DFI (DDR PHY Interface) 5.1 specification. This IP offers quad-rank support, allowing the connection of up to four ranks, effectively increasing the DRAM capacity per channel. This quad-rank support maximizes high-speed memory interface requirements, delivering exceptional performance and power efficiency. The built-in logic and advanced PLL design enable aggressive power state management and optimal system power usage. The proprietary microcontroller, also known as the Programmable State Machine (PSM), ensures temporal synchronization and tracking between DDR PHY and DRAM communication. It seamlessly integrates with a proven LPDDR5x/5/4x/4 memory controller for ease of configuration. The key competitiveness of OPENEDGES’ compact LPDDR5x/5 OPHY IP lies in its firmware-based training approach, featuring independent training through the PSM. This optimization enables boot-time memory training for the highest data reliability and margin at the system level. Furthermore, it can provide significant area savings and high performance with support for 16-bit and 32-bit data widths. This IP offers a range of configurable features, providing flexibility for integration with various types of DRAM packages, which makes it an ideal choice for diverse applications.

The LPDDR5x/5/4x/4 OPHY IP has plans to obtain AEC-Q100 qualification from the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC), which validates its suitability for automotive electronics, specifically designed to operate within a temperature operation range from -40℃ ~ + 125℃, ensuring its performance even under challenging automotive conditions. OPENEDGES is working towards obtaining official certification and silicon verification, with the aim of offering the PHY IP with automotive functional safety certification in the future.

OPENEDGES has a proven track record of successfully completing multiple projects with Samsung Foundry, having previously developed an OPHY in 14nm technology. With the on-time execution of PHY development in 5nm technology, OPENEDGES has demonstrated technological advancement and solidified its position as a leading-edge IP provider. OPENEDGES is exploring the possibilities of porting additional PHY IPs to more advanced process technologies with Samsung Foundry.

<Image 1: Sean Lee, CEO of OPENEDGES Technology, Inc.>


“As a leading provider of memory subsystem IP, OPENEDGES is dedicated to delivering top-quality memory subsystems that excel in PPA and advanced features,” said Sean Lee, CEO of OPENEDGES Technology. “Our journey of taping out LPDDR5x/5/4x/4 PHY IP on 5nm with Samsung Foundry has been an exciting experience, and we will continue to empower our customers to accelerate their development through our comprehensive offerings.”

OPENEDGES has a proven history of successful collaboration with Samsung Foundry and has a track record of providing our mutual customers with access to high-quality memory subsystem IPs,” said Jongshin Shin, Corporate EVP of Foundry IP development at Samsung Electronics. “We congratulate OPENEDGES on their remarkable achievement, and we eagerly anticipate further collaboration.”


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