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OPENEDGES and INNOSILICON unveil advanced DDR Controller and DDR PHY integrated IP solutions

SEOUL, South Korea, October 22nd, 2019 – OPENEDGES Technology, Inc. the leading IP provider of Memory subsystem IP today announced a partnership with INNOSILICON to promote OPENEDGES DDR memory controller and INNOSILICON DDR PHY. The Companies have validated the interoperability between OPENEDGES DDR3/4/LPDDR3/4 memory controller and INNOSILICON DDR3/4/LPDDR3/4 PHY.

INNOSILICON is a world-class, No.1 China based IP design company, with offices in north America, focusing on high performance PHYs and mixed signal IPs. They provide a cutting edge, high performance, cross-foundry, fully customizable PHY IP solution at SMIC/GF/Samsung/TSMC/Fujitsu process from 180nm all the way to 7nm. INNOSILICON DDR PHY has been used by many tier one companies for HPC, Mobile, Auto, Tablet PC, STB, Camera & many other applications.

OPENEDGES and INNOSILICON have evaluated each other’s DDR memory controller & DDR PHY and determined that both IPs perform in superior fashion together. The integrated DDR3/4/LPDDR3/4 DDR IP solution will be a very good choice for maximum DRAM bandwidth & low power SoCs.

“We have verified OPENEDGES DDR Controller IP. I am sure it will save the engineering resources for our common customers. We already have very good PHY IP such as DDR, PCIe, MIPI, SERDES and we will also keep expanding our eco system with controller IP vendors to provide a well engineered solution that supports aggressive schedules “ , said Roger Mao, INNOSILICON VP of Engineering.

“OPENEDGES DDR3/4/LPDDR3/4 memory controller has been deployed previously for Mobile, STB, Camera & other verticals. The DDR Controllers together with our NoC bus interconnect IP act as a complete memory subsytem. We have a singular focus on becoming a total memory subsystem IP vendor and one of the missing pieces of the puzzle is DDR PHY. INNOSILICON is a world class DDR PHY house with massive production record in the world. We are excited to provide total memory subsystem IP solutions together with INNOSILICON DDR PHY. This partnership will provide great value for our customers' SoCs” said, CEO of OPENEDGES, Sean Lee.

Memory bandwidth is becoming a more critical bottleneck everywhere. To meet these exploding memory bandwidth requirements, OPENEDGES provides ORBIT Memory Subsystem IP with exceptional bandwidth capabilities. DDR Memory Controller IP (OMC) and Network-on-Chip Interconnect (OIC) are tightly integrated and they bring significant synergy in terms of performance and system-level QoS control resulting in excellent bandwidth & latency. ORBIT memory subsystem IP enables a potential reduction in average & peak latency of more than 50% with the highly effective quality-of-service management feature (ActiveQoS).

INNOSILICON’s DDR PHY and OPENEDGES DDR controller & NoC combined solutions are fully compliant to the JEDEC standard. We plan to expand our partnership to GDDR6 & LPDDR5 solutions very soon.

About OPENEDGES Technology

OPENEDGES Technology is the world's leading supplier of memory subsystem IP including Network-on-Chip (NoC) and DDR controllers. OPENEDGES is commited to democratizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology at the edge, and delivers IPs in two key technology areas of smart computing; highly efficient AI acceleration, high-performance memory subsystem including NoC interconnect IP, DDR controller and DDR PHY IP.

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