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OPENEDGES and Telechips Collaborates for Automotive Applications

Seoul, South Korea, August 14, 2023 --- OPENEDGES Technology, Inc. (OPENEDGES), the leading provider of memory subsystem intellectual property (IP), has joined forces with Telechips, a leading fabless semiconductor company specializing in automotive to innovate the automotive industry by delivering exceptional performance and enhanced efficiency in their automotive applications. The collaboration between Telechips and OPENEDGES is built on a strong foundation of shared history and notable achievements. Despite OPENEDGES being a relatively new start-up at the time with a limited track record, Telechips recognized the inherent value and distinctive IP architecture offered by OPENEDGES and became their primary customer, setting the stage for a successful partnership by licensing an LPDDR4 memory controller in 2017. This early collaboration marked the beginning of a successful relationship between the two companies. Since then, Telechips has licensed multiple projects utilizing OPENEDGES’ advanced IPs, including the memory controller, DDR PHY, network-on-chip interconnect, and NPU IPs for automotive and infotainment applications to maximize the DRAM utilization with improved power with memory efficiency.

OPENEDGES specializes in delivering advanced memory subsystem IP solutions comprising a DDR PHY, DDR memory controller, and On-chip NoC, offering significant power, performance, and area advantages. The memory controller features automated low-power capabilities that optimize the power consumption of DRAM devices and efficiently manage the power state of DRAM. The DDR PHY employs a unique architecture that maximizes performance and flexibility while maintaining a small footprint compared to alternative DDR PHY solutions. Also, it supports a quad-rank configuration that effectively increases DRAM capacity. The On-chip interconnect IP provides SoC design flexibility through an automated end-to-end interconnect generation flow. The OPENEDGES’ proprietary advanced traffic control algorithm, ActiveQoS, minimizes latency and bandwidth, maintains steady traffic, and prevents blocking and congestion caused by overcrowding.

In addition to the memory subsystem IPs, OPENEDGES offers the ENLIGHT NPU IP, a highly optimized network model compiler compatible with popular network formats. This NPU IP achieves significant improvements in size, power, performance, and DRAM traffic for target market applications. Notably, it introduces the industry’s first 4-/8-bit mixed-precision quantization, enhancing performance without affecting accuracy. Furthermore, the ENLIGHT NPU IP enables easier customization tailored to different core sizes and performance requirements, empowering customers with greater flexibility.

OPENEDGES’ IPs demonstrate significant power, performance, and area (PPA) advantages, especially when the IPs are used together. These IPs have been successfully integrated into the AI chips for autonomous driving and have gained traction in top-tier automotive and 5G Telematics applications. OPENEDGES and Telechips are collaborating on upcoming Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) initiatives to accelerate their shared goals further.

<Image 1: Sean Lee, CEO of OPENEDGES Technology>

“OPENEDGES attributes its success to the customers who paved the way for us in the early days,” said Sean Lee, CEO of OPENEDGES Technology. “In this regard, we express our gratitude to Telechips and feel honored to be their past and present IP partner.”

“We highly value OPENEDGES for consistently delivering advanced IPs and the support they have provided us over the years,” said Jay Lee, Leader of the Product Planning Team at Telechips. “As our years of partnership strengthens with time, we look forward to continued collaboration and mutual success.”

About OPENEDGES Technology, Inc.

OPENEDGES Technology, Inc. is a premier provider of memory subsystem IPs for the semiconductor industry. They offer a wide range of state-of-the-art solutions, including DDR memory controllers, DDR PHY, NoC interconnect, and NPU IPs that are widely adopted by customers worldwide. Their IPs comply with JEDEC standards, including LPDDR5x/5/4x/4/3, DDR5/4/3, GDDR6, and HBM3, ensuring their compatibility with the latest DDR technology trends. In 2019, they acquired The Six Semiconductor, Inc. (TSS), specializing in high-speed memory PHYs across multiple technologies. As a publicly listed company on the Korean Stock Exchange Market (394280. KQ), OPENEDGES is well-positioned to continue its growth and maintain its leadership in the memory subsystem IPs market.

Learn more about the company and its offerings by visiting the official website at

About Telechips

Telechips is a global fabless semiconductor supplier which provides SoC and MCU for the automotive industry and leads the system semiconductor market with its advanced products and technologies in the field of connectivity and multimedia semiconductors. Telechips takes a holistic approach to its solutions combining chipset, development environment, hardware design reference, and core technology for maximum efficiency and convenience in fields ranging from IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) to digital clusters and cockpit systems. Its solutions have furthermore found particular demand in the realms of high-level security, low-power, high-performance technology, and ADAS-related systems. For more information, visit .


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