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OPENEDGES Proud to Announce the World’s Only 7nm LPDDR5X PHY IP Operating at 8533 Mbps

Seoul, South Korea, November 6th, 2023 --- OPENEDGES Technology, Inc. (OPENEDGES), a leading silicon IP provider, is proud to announce the immediate availability of its silicon-proven ORBIT™ LPDDR5X/5/4X/4 PHY (OPHY™) IP, having demonstrated 8533 Mbps data rates in LPDDR5X mode on its 7nm test chip. The OPENEDGES OPHY is the only 7nm LPDDR5X PHY IP available on the market today.

<Image 1: WRITE Eye Schmoo in LPDDR5X Mode at 8533Mbps on dual-rank DRAM>

OPENEDGES has a growing legacy of first-silicon success with its OPHY product line, following the successful bring-up of its GDDR6 PHY at 12nm in 2020, as well its LPDDR5/4 PHY at 14nm and 12nm in 2021 and 2022 respectively. OPENEDGES’ latest test chip is its third LPDDR OPHY iteration, fabricated using 7nm advanced process technology. It introduces support for LPDDR5Xspeed bins and beyond, on top of the previously supported LPDDR5, 4X, and 4 operating modes and speed bins. As with its predecessors, the 7nm LPDDR5X/5/4X/4 OPHY test chip was brought up quickly in the lab, and has achieved 8533 Mbps operation, the current maximum data rate for LPDDR5X, with dual-rank DRAM. The LPDDR5X OPHY will demonstrate quad-rank support in the near future.

“With our latest 7nm LPDDR5X/5/4X/4 OPHY our IP Validation team has been able to build upon the success of our first-generation test chips,” said Jason Mangattur, Vice President of Silicon Operations at The Six Semiconductor of OPENEDGES. “We’ve expanded our lab capacity both in terms of equipment and engineering staff in order to meet the challenges of validating our highly sophisticated PHY that supports multiple LPDDR standards and data rates, multiple ranks, FSP configurations, and numerous DRAM vendors.”

OPENEDGES' latest LPDDR5X/5/4X/4 OPHY integrates key enhancements to its unique architecture, designed to enable maximum performance and flexibility while maintaining a footprint that is highly competitive to alternative LPDDR PHY solutions. In addition to the introduction of LPDDR5X support up to 8533 Mbps, the available configuration has been expanded to both 1x16 and 1x32, verified and ready for customer integration.

“As the only 7nm LPDDR5X PHY available for immediate integration in the market, we have been gaining great customer traction throughout this year. I’m glad that our OPHY and technology node alignment is meeting the needs of our customers, creating value, and providing differentiation. Due to high customer demand, we are in the process of porting our OPHY to 6nm technology, another first for the market,” said Richard Fung, CEO of The Six Semiconductor of OPENEDGES.

“We are proud to have worked with our tier-1 OPHY customers over the past year, to help them achieve mass production readiness. We are on-track to help our 7nm/6nm LPDDR5X PHY customers to achieve the same,” said Ricky Lau, CTO of The Six Semiconductor of OPENEDGES.

“Our focus has always been on meeting our clients’ evolving needs. The silicon-proven ORBIT LPDDR5X/5/4X PHY (OPHY) IP, featuring impressive data rates in LPDDR5X mode, is a direct response to their demands for advanced solutions” said Sean Lee, CEO of OPENEDGES Technology. “We are proud to continue our track record of successful OPHY lineups, including the world’s only 7nm LPDDR5X/5/4X OPHY. Our goal is to empower our clients with state-of-the-art memory subsystem IPs that drive their success”.

<Image 2: LPDDR5X Testchip, Test Platform, and Thermal Testing Environment>


About OPENEDGES Technology, Inc.

OPENEDGES Technology, Inc. is a leading silicon IP provider of memory subsystem IPs for the semiconductor industry. They offer a wide range of state-of-the-art solutions, including DDR memory controllers, DDR PHY, NoC interconnect, and NPU IPs that are widely adopted by customers worldwide. Their IPs comply with JEDEC standards, including LPDDR5x/5/4x/4/3, DDR5/4/3, GDDR6, and HBM3, ensuring their compatibility with the latest DDR technology trends. In 2019, they acquired The Six Semiconductor, Inc. (TSS), specializing in high-speed memory PHYs across multiple technologies. OPENEDGES IPs deliver increased performance, bandwidth, capacity, and efficiency to meet the ever-increasing data demands. As a publicly listed company on the Korean Stock Exchange Market (394280. KQ), OPENEDGES is well-positioned to continue its growth and maintain its leadership in the memory subsystem IPs market.

Learn more about the company and its offerings by visiting the official website at

About The Six Semiconductor, Inc. (TSS)

TSS is a Canadian technology company and a wholly owned subsidiary of OPENEDGES, which specializes in developing advanced high-speed DDR PHY IP solutions that cater to a wide range of applications such as AI/ML, high-performance computing (HPC), mobile devices, and automotive. The company's product portfolio includes PHY IPs for various memory standards including LPDDR5x/5/4x/4, GDDR6, and HBM3, that are optimized for power and area. TSS's solutions are designed to be compatible with multiple technologies, foundries, and process nodes. The company's team of experts has a wealth of experience in the field and is dedicated to providing the industry with high-quality and reliable DDR PHY IP solutions.

To learn more about TSS's products, visit their website at


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